• Fridge - 1:59
  • Apathy - 2:46
  • Fat Cat - 2:46
  • When I am God - 2:47
  • Deranged - 2:01
“Album done! Waiting for the pressing! Next show online! So far,... ”
how to prepare the perfect Aftermath

1 Alan oGal­lon
1 Michi
1 Sasha
1 Timo
1 Alex
and co­pi­us amounts of anger,
po­li­tics, re­li­gi­on
and so­ci­al in­jus­ti­ce.
ser­ving sug­ges­ti­on!
Take 1 grum­py old man and re­mo­ve from ori­gi­nal west of Eng­land/Bris­tol en­vi­ro­ment, Place in a dark/damp cel­lar with 4 like-min­ded but fres­her young local Wer­mels­kir­chen (Germany) lads, sprink­le light­ly with gui­tars, bass and drums and add beer to taste and leave to soak for bet­ween 6 months to one year slow­ly ad­ding more beer at re­gu­lar in­ter­vals! when sui­ta­b­ly sa­tu­ra­ted, toss light­ly and pour gent­ly onto the nea­rest stage and allow the com­plex smells and fla­vours es­cape.
the.Aftermath LP
the.Aftermath (2013)
1. Album Intro
2. Too Drunk To Die
3. Apathy
4. Fridge
6. Intro
5. Lockdown
7. Monster
8. Fat Cat
9. When I Am God
10. Challenge
11. Justify
12. Deranged

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the.Aftermath LP
the.Aftermath Demo (2011)
1. Hypocrate
2. Pony
3. When I Am God
4. I Hate Your Face
Wermelskirchen AJZ Bahndamm with Profit and Murder and Subhumans
Wermelskirchen Trpedofest at AJZ Bahndamm with Malignant Tumor Heretic and many more
Lbeck Veb Sommerfest
Flensburg Sommerfest with Snake tongue (Linkping) Boneman (Kiel) T-Kilahs (Aschaffenburg)
Mlheim a.d. Ruhr AZ with Game over You lose
Coesfeld Pampa Berkelterrorfest with Zunder, Spit Pink and many more
Wuppertal AZ at the Cracked cops festival with Exilent, Stahlschwester and many more!
Mlheim a.d. Ruhr AZ with Zex (Can)
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